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Booking Conditions

We advise you to carefully read these Terms and Conditions before accessing, using and submitting the forms.


I. Terms and Conditions of The Travel Corner

1. The Terms and Conditions of Use of The Travel Corner are deemed to be the text governing the use of forms available on the website www.thetravelcorner.pt.
2. The Terms and Conditions of The Travel Corner apply to the portal www.thetravelcorner.pt and to the platforms dependent on this, which is owned by The Travel Corner and the registered office Sabouga The Travel Corner reserves the right to unilaterally change the Terms and Conditions of The Travel Corner for its improvement and effectiveness, whenever it deems this to be necessary and desirable, without prior notice to users, in order to meet legal requirements or owing to operating changes The new wording becomes binding as soon as it is published on the website, or when otherwise made known to the user.

II. What are the forms and what are they for?

1. The forms are a communication service between the user and The Travel Corner. It is through them that the user submits his/her data and makes them available to The Travel Corner, its employees or its partners, to use a certain service or feature.
2. Each form submitted by the user generates a reply e-mail where The Travel Corner confirms the successful submission of the form.
3. When submitting a form the user accepts and acknowledges that a procedure will be initiated by The Travel Corner to execute the request made.
4. The approval of the General Terms and Conditions of The Travel Corner, as well as any other document referred to herein, is mandatory, unreserved, and binding. Therefore, if the user does not provide approval he/she cannot use this feature.
5. The user acknowledges that the personal data entered on the forms and which are sent by electronic means to The Travel Corner may be used by The Travel Corner pursuant to the Data Protection Policy.

III. Duties of the user

1. The user undertakes and guarantees that any activity he/she develops through this feature will be correct and diligent, not infringing legislation in force.
2. The user undertakes to use this service with the utmost care and prudence and undertakes to carry out any operation in person, taking special care not to commit typing or communication errors, in order to ensure that the operation is correctly performed.
3. The user shall be liable for damages and losses of any nature that The Travel Corner may suffer as a result of misuse or non-compliance with these conditions.
4. If the feature requires information, the user undertakes to provide it in a true and legitimate manner, and not to enter data concerning ideology, trade union affiliation, religion, beliefs, racial origin, health or sexual life in the free-text fields.

IV. Care to be had when using the forms

1. The Travel Corner does not guarantee the permanent operation of the submission of forms, and therefore it cannot be held liable when the use of the forms by the user is not possible. It also does not guarantee that the use of the forms is total immune to attacks by hackers and viruses or other intrusion software, carried out by external entities with malicious intent.
2. The Travel Corner accepts no responsibility for the damages resulting from any impossibility, delay, suspension or interruption of the access to and use of the forms.
3. If the user finds any anomaly in accessing this service, The Travel Corner may alternatively be contacted via e-mail to geral@thetravelcorner.pt.
4. The user hereby agrees to immediately inform The Travel Corner of any abnormal occurrences, including:

  1. The occurrence of an unordered operation;
  2. The incorrect entry of any operation.

Whenever an operation is carried out using the procedures referred to in the previous clauses, it is presumed that it was carried out by the user.
5. If, however, it is proven that the operation was carried out by a third party, it shall be presumed that this had the consent of the user or the user is to blame for facilitating such action.
6. Errors or deficiencies deriving from the means of access of the user cannot be provided to The Travel Corner as reasons.
7. Neverrheless, for technical, security, control or other legitimate reasons, The Travel Corner can modify or suspend access to and use of the form.
8. The Travel Corner rejects any liability for any direct or indirect damages, including loss of profits which, as a result of any defect or virus or malfunction of the equipment or use of any software, results from the access to and use of the feature. It also rejects any liability for any damages resulting from the operation or unavailability of the above mentioned feature, its misuse, the loss of data, the collection of any software made available, and the claims of third parties related to the use of this website.

V. Privacy and Personal Data Protection

1. The Travel Corner is committed to protecting the privacy of The Travel Corner’s customers and it solely collects the personal data that are voluntarily provided. The data collected through the website www.thetravelcorner.pt are used to process the requests collected and for communication between The Travel Corner and the customers, as well as for billing, the processing of requests for information and any complaints, statistical analyses and their use for the purposes of direct marketing.
2. In compliance with applicable law, we inform you that the treatment of the personal data collected in The Travel Corner is the responsibility of The Travel Corner and The Travel Corner, as the data controller, ensures the confidentiality of all data provided by its customers. Whenever third party services are purchased, the personal data may be communicated to the suppliers of such services.
3. Although The Travel Corner collects and processes data in a secure manner, using the most recommended techniques, the customer acknowledges that collection on an unsecured network means the personal data circulates in unsecure conditions, leaving it exposed to the risk of being seen and used by unauthorised third parties.
4. In accordance with the applicable legislation, the customer is entitled to rectify and erase his/her personal data, and may also oppose the use of his/her personal data for the purpose of commercial prospecting. If the customer wishes to exercise the aforementioned rights, at any time, he/she may do so through the following means (at no cost besides the costs of communications):
E-mail: geral@thetravelcorner.pt
5. After the collection of individualised personal information voluntarily transmitted by the customer, The Travel Corner shall store and maintain it for the period necessary for the purpose of its treatment, until otherwise instructed, or until the law requires its deletion. The Travel Corner will not market its customer database with third parties, however, The Travel Corner is hereby authorised to share personal data with other companies owned by The Travel Corner and/or the suppliers of the services ordered.

VI. Access to the personal data

1. The formalisation of the request for contact through our website or via electronic mail implies the introduction into the system and sending, by USERS/CUSTOMERS, of personal identification data (name, telephone contact and address) and other special data about the request that will be used only to facilitate and allow the contact and eventual contracting of the specific services stated in the customer’s request, as well as to provide information regarding the services.
2. In no situation shall information be requested on philosophical or political beliefs, political party or trade union membership, religious beliefs, private life and racial or ethnic origin, as well as private data concerning health and sex life, including genetic data.
3. The processing of personal data is carried out in strict compliance with the legislation for the protection of personal data, all in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and/or any legislation that regulates, adds to or replaces said legislation, hereinafter referred to as GDPR.
4. Any personal data that the USERS/CUSTOMERS may disclose to the Company through the use of this system shall be deemed to have been obtained, processed and transmitted with their consent, in strict compliance with the GDPR.
5. The USERS/CUSTOMERS, by providing their personal data, declare that they authorise and consent to the processing of their data by the Company in order to facilitate and allow the contact and contracting of the specific services stated in their request, as well as to receive information concerning the services provided by the Company.
6. The Company declares and guarantees that it has implemented, is capable and will continue to implement the necessary security measures of a technical and organisational nature to guarantee the security of the personal data provided to it, in order to prevent their amendment, loss, unauthorised processing and/or access, taking into account the current state of technology, the nature of the data stored and minimising the risks to which such data are exposed.
7. The Company guarantees to USERS/CUSTOMERS that it will not keep the personal data sent through a request for contact, through web message, on any digital support of the web.

VII. Processing of personal data

1. The Personal Data obtained are incorporated into a computer application only with the input of exclusive access passwords and the registration is documented. No file of the contacts established by the web page is created. All data is deleted and untraceable.
2. The Personal Data transmitted shall be processed with the legally enforceable degree of protection to guarantee its security and prevent its amendment, loss, unauthorised processing or access. The USER/CUSTOMER is aware of and accepts that Internet security measures are not impregnable. The Company is equipped with peripheral control technical infrastructures, namely antivirus, network firewalls, encryption systems, private circuits and VPNs that comply with security requirements. The computer servers are housed in a datacentre operator which performs a digital information protection service of the hosted servers.
3. The Company, when it accesses any personal data, undertakes to:

  • Treat them in accordance with applicable data protection requirements, through legally enforceable security measures of a technical and organisational nature that guarantee their security, thus preventing their amendment, loss, unauthorised processing or access, in accordance with the state of the technology at any given time, the nature of the data and the possible risks to which they are exposed;
  • Use or apply the data exclusively for the purpose duly consented;
  • Ensure that the data are used only by staff whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the service and are obliged to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality. If there is the possibility that information may be disclosed to third parties, they should be required to keep it confidential in accordance with the provisions of this document.
XIII. Purpose of the personal data

1. The Personal Data of the USER are obtained for the following purposes, and the USER hereby gives consent for such: identification of the User that asks to be contacted and poses a question/subject; requests that the Company contact him/her for the purpose of scheduling or settling legal issues.
2. The USER/CUSTOMER expressly agrees that the Personal Data may be assigned to the Authorities if they wish to consult and supervise the use of this Site and the information derived from it.
3. At the moment of the collection of Personal Data, the lack of consent to the sending of data, considered mandatory, will mean it is impossible to access the requested service.
IX. Storage period of the personal data
1. The data of the USERS/CUSTOMERS are only kept for the period necessary to fulfill the purposes for which they are intended.
2. The USER/CUSTOMER may request, at any time, to change or withdraw its consent with effect for the future.


If you do not agree to the above conditions, the Company will not be able to answer the request sent through this web page and you should contact the Company directly via the telephone contacts on this web page.